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Afghanistan Observes World Competition Day

Kabul, 5 December 2012:  5th December is World Competition Day and Afghanistan today joined the international community in observing the day. The activities to mark the day took place at the Ministry of Commerce and Industries in Kabul. Speaking on the occasion, the Deputy Minister responsible for Administration in the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Dr. Sadrudin Sahar deplored the practice of anti- competition which he said was detrimental to the economic growth, but encouraged the private sector to fully participate in the economic development of Afghanistan. “Free market economy must be led by the private sector and the government must support it”, he said. In his remarks, the representative of the private sector, who is also the President of Afghanistan Board of Entrepreneurs Mr. Haji Ahagh, stressed the need for fair competition in the market place and urged the business community to be active members of the competition regime. His sentiments were echoed by the Director of Competition Promotion and Consumer Promotion Directorate (CPCPD), Mr. Hafizullah Walirahimi who noted that controlling the market is not the task of the Government because in a free market economy, the markets respond to the demand and supply adding that  “CPCPD as government, encourages market growth, prevent anti-competitition practices and abuse of dominance”.

Afghanistan Observes World Competition Day

World Competition Day has been observed since 2010 following the adoption of the competition Set of policies as proposed by the International Network of Civil Society on Competition (INCSCO). The World Competition Day has become an annual event that reminds governments and the general public of the importance of promoting competition as one of commercial “best practices” in a free market economy. The day also offers the opportunity to raise awareness of the consumers across the world to realise the benefits of the competition regime in any commercial activity.

Afghanistan first celebrated the day in 2011 under the guidance of Competition Promotion and Consumer Protection Directorate (CPCPD). The Ministry of Commerce and Industries established CPCPD to spearhead the functioning of a competition regime in Afghanistan in order to benefit from the economic development of a free market economy. The directorate is receiving technical support from the Civilian Technical Assistance Programme (CTAP) as well as from Harakat-AICFO.

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