Competition Promotion and Consumer Protection Directorate(CPCPD)
Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Afghanistan
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The Competition and Consumer Protection Directorate (CPCPD) was established in 2010 to ensure effective competition in the market place and protect consumers from sub-standard products and services.

The overall aim of the work of the Directorate is to contribute to the Ministry of Commerce and Industries’ fourth strategic objective to ensure that the private sector operates fairly and equitably.

CPCPD has three departments – namely, Competition Promotion, Consumer Protection and Outreach and Communication. Each department has a specific role to play and all compliment each other. The following are the functions of CPCPD:

  • Ensure fair competition of goods and services and protect consumer from sub-standard products/services.
  • Monitor markets and prices of essential goods and services to ensure there is adherence to the competition law.
  • Investigate the infringement of the competition law.
  • Receive and respond to reports from stakeholders about the alleged anti-competitive activities.
  • Enhance competition and consumer public awareness through outreach programmes.
  • Encourage competition behaviour among the business people and safeguard the welfare of consumers.
  • Coordinate with ministries, agencies and private sector to ensure compliance of competition and consumer protection practices.
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