Competition Promotion and Consumer Protection Directorate(CPCPD)
Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Afghanistan
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Message from the Minister Welcome
Competition is the essence of market economy. Global experience has shown that effective competition has been led to successful economic growth, thereby reducing poverty through market efficiencies and innovations. The Afghanistan constitution makers therefore prescribed market economy as a model. To meet the constitutional aspiration, we need to have a system that encourages the efficiency in question on the principles of competition amongst businesses. Read More
Message from the Director
Building an investment climate in a country that is gradually recovering from war is a huge task. Article 10 of our constitution, provides that we have a market economy, and under Article 13, the Government is assigned with the responsibility to regulate markets for the benefit of majority businesses. Read More


Welcome to the Competition Promotion and Consumer Protection Directorate (CPCPD) of the Afghan Ministry of Commerce and Industries.  The website provides information regarding the nation’s attempt to bring in a competition culture amongst businesses and promotes rights of consumers. The Directorate explains the ways to strengthen the ability of companies to compete in the market on a level playing field.

The information ranges from the history of CPCPD, government policies on competition and consumer laws to frequently asked questions (FAQs) in each of these areas. The website also offers an opportunity to make comments, suggesting how we can do things better. Transparency and accountability remain at the heart of CPCPD, as such measures will be taken to live up to expectations. Admittedly, we are aware of the challenges of the concepts of “competition” and “consumer rights” in Afghanistan. In this regard, every possible means will be explored to raise public awareness on such concepts and other relevant issues on this website.













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Dear consumers; survey of Kunduz markets by the provincial commission: Today Saturday, date 1397-2-15 commission of preventing products, netting and supplying expired date, law quality and feign under the authority of Mr. Ghulam Ali “Edi Zada” director of Industries and Commerce of Kunduz by subscribing to all the honorable members of this commission has seen and surveyed from Ariana market of Kunduz, also lots of expired date and feign foods collected. This survey from the markets are continues.