Competition Promotion and Consumer Protection Directorate(CPCPD)
Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Afghanistan
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The Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MoCI) has a big role to play to drive the economy of Afghanistan. This role also includes the direct activities of interventions in order to realize the difficulties and obstacles which are laid in the path through the creation and persuading of communion of government and private sector. Suitable rules and regulations must be allocated and prepared in order to be used and completely applied in the existence of resources for better movement.

In the trade arena, the ministry needs to improve the application of agreements of trade and transit of Afghanistan-Pakistan and also secure the relation with the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the endorsing and implementation of agreements with key shareholders of the Middle East.

In many places, the Ministry of Commerce and Industries outlined and prepared a sound policy of rivalry, policy of supporting customers and an administration guidance for guide and support from the activities inside the ministry.

The ministry created an authority of conduction of petroleum and natural gas affairs for the improvement of administration, regulations, and activity of craft of petroleum and natural gas inside Afghanistan and by doing such, rates has been decreased and that the retail prices are proper.

Organizational Structure

The Ministry is headed by the Minister and followed in command by three Deputy Ministers respectively responsible for:

  1. Private Sector and Industries Development.
  2. Trade
  3. Finance and Administration
Each Deputy Minister has a set of Directorates which include the following:
  1. Private Sector Development
  2. Competition Promotion and Consumer Protection
  3. Industrial Parks,
  4. Industries’ Technical Affairs
  5. State wed Enterprises and Corporations Co-ordinations
  6. International Trade
  7. Transit and Trade Facilitation
  8. Export Promotion
  9. Business Licencing
  10. Central Business Registry
  11. Human Resource Management
  12. Administration and Finance
  13. Information Technology (IT)
  14. Public Relations and Information
  15. Gender Unit 
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