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World Consumer Rights Day Celebration in Afghanistan

Kabul, 19 March 2013:  The Ministry of Commerce and Industries through the Competition Promotion and Consumer Protection Directorate (CPCPD) in Afghanistan celebrated the World Consumer Rights Day on 16 March 2013 at the Ministry’s headquarters in Kabul. This year’s theme for the celebration was “Consumer Justice Now”.  Speaking during the occasion, the Deputy Minister responsible for the Private Sector Development and Industries, Dep. Eng Mutasel Komaki reminded the people of the three pillars of the economy which are producer, distributor and consumer. He appealed for the respect of consumers by offering them the right commodities. “The consumer is the one is the one who buys and if he does not buy the goods, the production collapses thereby devastating the economy.”

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his remarks, Mr. Hafizullah Walirahimi, Director of CPCPD, also stressed the need to respect consumers. “For consumer rights to be meaningful, I would like to urge the business community to desist from offering sub-standard products and services”. “CPCPD along with its partners will be making regular visits to the markets to check the quality of goods to ensure that the consumers are protected”.

As part of the celebration, the gathering also witnessed the unveiling of the CPCPD’s logo which will be the directorate’s trademark. The Ministry of Commerce and Industries set up CPCPD to spearhead the establishment of a competition regime and regulatory mechanisms to protect the welfare of consumers in the country. The directorate has the mandate to ensure that the playing field among members of the business community is leveled to be in line with the international business best practices. The directorate receives technical and financial support from the Civilian Technical Assistance Programme (CTAP) as well as from Harakat-AICFO. USAID and the United States Commercial Law Development Programme. 

The Consumer Day celebration dates back to the time when John F. Kennedy, former President of the United States of America on 15 March, 1962 gave an address to the US congress where he formally addressed the issue of consumer rights. Kennedy was the first world leader to do so. Since then the consumer movements world over mark 15 March every year the day of raising awareness about consumer rights.

Consumer Day celebration was celebrated for the first time in Afghanistan in 2012. This year’s celebration was attended by the Ministry’s staff, members of the public and private sectors as well as the civil society organizations.

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